Advanced Power Solutions

The electric current in addition to constant supply variations has power peaks that provide very high ammounts of energy in shorts periods.

Koblenz surge suppressors constantly verifies power input and, when it detects an excess, specially designed components inside suppressor, absorb it. This way your devices are protected all the time.

Surge Suppressor
Model: SS-2000 USB

  • 2000 Joules of protection
  • 6 Grounded rotating outlets
  • 2 USB port 2.4 A
  • LED indicator ON/OFF protecting
  • 4 dB Noise filter

Surge Suppressor
Model: SS-1100 USB

  • 1100 Joules of protection
  • 7 Grounded outlets
  • 2 USB port 2.4 A supercharger
  • LED indicator - protected